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Westminster School

Westminster School regularly tops our exam results league tables. Located in the epicentre of one of the world’s most recognisable and popular cities, it is fair to say that Westminster School is globally renowned, and highly sought after. It is not uncommon for the school to have 10+ applications for each available space.

Westminster School offers day and boarding places for boys aged 13-18 and girls aged 16-18, and has a strong claim to be the home of liberal education. Compared to schools of similar academic standing, Westminster School does not succeed through a “hothouse” mentality. Students here learn for the joy of learning, and pursue interests far beyond syllabus restrictions or exam requirements.

Westminster School currently sits at the top of our co-ed boarding by A-levels league table and, if there was a way to produce a table for the best all-round school in the world, it would probably feature quite highly there too.

Would Westminster School be a good fit for my child?

It is easy to imagine, based on location, heritage, and name, Westminster School would be a rather uptight, traditionally “British” affair. The reality could not be more different: Westminster has been the school of choice for the world’s children for centuries, and the diversity of background and thinking permeates the school’s culture and heritage.

There is no set “Westminster” child mould. However, Westminster School is best suited for children who embrace a liberal, open approach to life, and are keen to excel above and beyond exam results. A profound passion for discovery, self-improvement, and responsibility to the wider world is at the heart of Westminster School’s ethos.

How do I apply to Westminster School?

Competition for places is exceptionally high. Students do not need to be supremely polished, but being academically exceptional is pretty much a prerequisite.

We have previously helped students win offers from Westminster School, and would be happy to discuss your child’s prospects.

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