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COVID-19 - Latest News and Help for Parents

Advice for Parents for Independent School Admissions

You are no doubt aware that schools in the UK began closing from last week, Friday 20th March, although boarding schools with students who have not yet left will continue to look after them as normal.

The majority of private schools have already established online learning platforms to provide students with a full timetable of lessons and tutor meetings throughout the coming summer term. It is highly unlikely schools will reopen until after the summer holidays.

Students whose GCSEs and A-levels have been cancelled are likely greeting the news with either great disappointment or great relief. A fair solution will undoubtedly be found in due course.

September 2020 Admissions

September is still a good six months away, and it is very much business as a bit unusual. A lot of schools are already full for Sept 2020.

Due to the economic impact of recent events, there could always be drop outs over the coming months, so please contact us if you have still not finalised a place.

Needless to say, schools are currently prioritising student and staff safety over everything else, and the processing of new enrolments is being somewhat delayed in many cases. We appreciate patience and understanding from all our clients in this matter.

September 2021 Admissions

September 2021 is about 18 months away, however this means that applicants for age 13+ entry are already a little late, and age 16+ applicants should start registering by this summer 2020. Please Contact us if in any doubt about suitable school choice or the timelines involved.

Contact Us

The EA team is taking all sensible precautions. We are now all working in physical isolation, but are still available as usual on email and phone. Please note to use the number +44 1622 813870. We have a VoIP system in place, and appreciate your patience as we get to grips with transferring calls to each other.

Most people involved in education tend to favour a long term vision. For us, and schools, the current serious situation will inevitably pass. We are all working under the premise that September 2020 enrolment will proceed as planned, and the application timelines for September 2021 will remain unaffected.

We carry on with faith that brighter days are not too far away, and will update you accordingly.

In the meantime, stay safe and well and please contact us for any advice on September 2021, or later, enrolments. 

The Education Advisers Team

+44 1622 813870