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Best Schools Guardianship Service

International parents will usually need to appoint a guardian locally for their child(ren) and MOST schools will NOT perform this service. If you need help in finding a trustworthy guardian close to your chosen school, please ask us for recommendations.

What is a Guardian?

UK Law mandates that foreign residents must appoint a guardian for each child receiving full-time education in the UK.

The guardian will accept legal responsibility for the child and also has the power to make decisions regarding emergency medical treatment. Many guardianship companies will assist with matters such as registering with a local doctor, opening a bank account and arranging travel to and from school.  A guardian also provides the child with a place to live during school holidays, exeats (periodic closures of the school in term time), illness or school expulsion.

Guardianship Services

In addition to the legal requirements guardians often perform many other services, such as:

• Liaising with the school on academic or pastoral problems and attending parents' evenings

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Brightworld Guardians

• Supervision of the child’s finances

• Travel and airport transfers

• Purchasing school uniform

• Arranging accommodation before or after terms

• Excursions and holidays

• Accompanying the child to the dentist or optician

The costs of a guardian can be anywhere from £1500 to £5000 per annum, depending on the range of services provided.

There are numerous guardianship companies with differing reputations and offering variable degrees of service. Let us find you a trustworthy firm which also suits your budget.

One such company is Bright World, who offer a comprehensive range of guardianship services for children attending UK boarding schools and universities. https://www.brightworld.co.uk/index.asp

So how does it work?

Best Schools will put you in touch with a Guardianship company operating in the area near your target school. These are all independent experienced firms and they are not owned by us. They will contact you immediately to explain their services and terms. There is no obligation on you until you decide to retain their services. Please contact us for more information.